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About Us

Mortgages.org.uk is dedicated to providing the resources you need to obtain financing for the home of your dreams. Buying a house may be one of the most significant investments you ever make, and taking out a mortgage loan represents a serious financial commitment. Our intent is to provide free online tools and features to help you learn about your options as a home buyer, secure a mortgage that fits your budget and get in touch with us if you have additional questions.

When you begin shopping for a mortgage, you'll soon note that interest rates vary from one lender to another. The interest you pay on most mortgage loans is determined by the standard variable rate, which is set by the lender within certain limits. Your interest rate may be fixed for a number of years or it may change over time, depending on the terms of your loan. In order to find the most favourable arrangement for your circumstances, it pays to compare interest rates from a number of lenders before you sign a contract.

At Mortgages.org.uk, we give you access to a network of trusted lenders who are keen to help you find the very best interest rate and repayment schedule. We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a mortgage loan, and we hope to simplify the process by giving you the opportunity to submit a request to a number of the top lenders in your area. When you request a quote from one of our providers, you can be assured that you'll receive useful information and attentive service.

Our representatives are available to answer your questions or provide any additional information that you require. We welcome you to use the free features on your site to guide your search for a mortgage loan that will help you fulfill your dream of home ownership.