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Premier Mortgage Services

Premier mortgage services can help you make sense of the mortgage market and find a home loan that's right for you. It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the home loan market. Best buy tables and the myriad of websites offering advice on finding the best mortgage values can make it so as you can't see the wood for the trees. This is where a premier mortgage services company can come into play.

Almost without doubt, buying a property will be the most expensive purchase you ever make, so it makes sense to get the advice of professionals before you go ahead and make an application for a home loan. This has never been truer than now. In the days before the beginning of the financial crisis which was triggered by sub-prime mortgage lending on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean back in 2007, almost anyone and his dog could walk into a mortgage lenders office from the street and successfully apply for a home loan. This was part of the problem that brought the whole banking system to its knees.

These days, things are completely different. In the aftermath of the credit crunch, banks severely restricted their lending and only wrote new mortgages to people they were confident could afford to repay them. Although lending criteria has loosened slightly over the intervening years, it is still much more difficult to secure a loan than it once was. And it's only going to get harder. The Financial Services Authority will introduce a new set of rules in 2013 which will make it even more difficult for people to secure a loan. Lenders will be compelled to carry out much more stringent checks on mortgage applicants when they apply for any of the services they provide.

Get some Premier Advice

If you're thinking of applying for a loan now and are not too sure which services you are most likely to be approved for, it will be a good idea for you to contact a premier mortgage services company. A premier mortgage services firm can put you on touch with a number of premier mortgage services providers that will be able to talk to you about what sort of premier mortgage you would be most likely to get. Once you've contacted one of these services, a selection of representatives of premier mortgage services providers will call you up to talk through your circumstances and requirements. You'll be able to talk through your financial history, the size of your deposit, and how these factors could affect any loan you applied for through a premier mortgage services company. Be completely honest and straightforward. If you are not, your premier mortgage services company will not be able to help you. If you have had debt problems in the past and have a less than premier credit rating, tell your premier services rep about this. Failure to do so will result in you being directed towards products that you will not be suitable for and you will be unlikely to be given.

Increase your Chances

You'll have a better a better chance of getting a loan recommended by a company if you make sure that your financial affairs are fully on order. If you make sure that your credit file and accounts are in a premier condition, you'll have a lot better chance of having your application approved when using premier services. It goes without saying that you should always pay your bills on time. Failure to do so will result in adverse information being sent to the credit reference bureaus. Any loan provider you approach will use data from the bureaus to assess your application. Any negative information could result in your application being rejected, especially now that lending criteria are so tight. There's a chance that even one or two missed payments on your credit card could mean that your loan application gets turned down.

This is why you should have a look at your credit file before applying for a loan through a premier mortgage services firm. You can request a copy of your file from all of the three major credit reference bureaus in the UK. Once you have done so, you'll be able to check over your report to make sure that there are no errors contained within it that could scupper your chances of getting your dream home. Sometimes, incorrect information is sent to credit bureaus about the way you manage your accounts. This can usually be rectified by contacting the company concerned, but if it remains on your file, it could affect your ability to get credit in the future. Go through your credit reports with a fine tooth-comb before making any applications for a home loan. Getting rid of any errors could mean the difference between rejection and approval.

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